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Whether you’re hosting a large-scale event with multiple components and speakers or just want to provide value to your team members, it’s extremely beneficial to hire a speaker from outside your organization.

Some companies find they continuously try to motivate and gain the attention and trust of their employees.

However, when this message is being delivered by an internal figure – such as an immediate supervisor or CEO – many employees drown out the message whether they’ve heard it before or not.

You will find yourself in need of a way to get your employees’ attention and spark inspiration, and having the right person to do this is crucial.

Working with DiPanni Dynamix to deliver your mission and message in a unique way is the solution!


Our speaking engagements provide your audience an opportunity for education, encouragement, motivation and
connection. Whether it’s an audience of 15 or 1,500 – we will deliver an exceptional experience!

Speaking engagements can cover a variety of topics from educational industry information, current trends and even
training for specific platforms and activities.

Schedule a free consultation to learn more about speaking engagement opportunities and how we can help reignite
motivation and provide useful educational opportunities to you, your company and event.

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